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Judson Memorial Church 

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, we are pleased to highlight Judson Memorial Church as our featured site for June!
For over a century, Judson Memorial Church has served members of the surrounding Washington Square Park community and those beyond with a commitment to social services, social justice activism, and community arts. Through regular Sunday services, arts incubation, and progress social initiatives, Judson finds its most potent realization in its commitment to fighting for LGBTQ and reproductive rights, racial equality, immigration reform, climate advocacy, and community health. 
Judson Memorial Church’s strong tradition of service to the community began with Edward Judson’s ministry from 1881 to1890 (at the Berean Baptist Church) and from 1890 to 1913 at the Judson Church.  This mission continued in the 1920s with providing medical services to the poor and in the 1930s with social justice work and union organizing. Beginning in the 1950s, under the leadership of Reverend Robert Spike, and continuing in the 1960s through the early 1990s led by Reverend Howard Moody, the church sponsored a wide range of innovative programs for under-served populations.  Among these programs were counseling and treatment for drug addicts, temporary housing for runaway teens, a counseling and referral service for prostitutes, a program which assisted women with access to abortion, and medical resources for people living with HIV/AIDS. According to the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, Judson's annual Gay Pride Sunday service is one of the church's biggest events of the year, and an estimated third of its congregation represents the LGBT community
Judson Memorial Church continues to be a visible and vital player in the Greenwich Village community, through its artistic work, political activism, religious services, and social justice work. Every Monday night, all year long, if you walk along the block of Washington Square South at Thompson Street, you will see a line of dance enthusiasts waiting to enter the Judson Memorial Church.  Monday nights at “the Judson,” sponsored by Movement Research, continue to be a chance to see the latest works in progress created by local, national, and international dance makers.  Admission is free of charge.  Today, under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Donna Schaper, the church is active in environmental justice, gay rights, harm reduction, immigration rights, reproductive justice, and world peace. The arts ministry continues on site in the church building through the Monday night dance series and the Judson Arts Wednesdays program.  More than its real estate, what seems of most value to the Judson Memorial Church today is its small and active congregation, which remains dedicated to continuing the fight for social justice through a community of faith.
This week, join Judson Memorial Church for the following events in honor of LGBT friends, families, and communities: 
  • Thursday, June 22nd | 6PM | Trans Day of Action Sign Making Party (Judson's Office - 239 Thompson Street)
  • Friday, June 23rd | 3PM | 13th Annual Trans Day of Action (Washington Square Park) 
  • SundayJune 25th | 8AM | Pride Sunday Breakfast & Sign Making Party (Judson's Meeting Room - 55 Washington Square South) 
  • Sunday, June 25th | 9AM | Pride Sunday Devotional Service w/ Rev. Micah Bucey  (Judson's Meeting Room - 55 Washington Square South) 
  • Sunday, June 25th | 9:30AM | NYC Pride Sunday Resistance March (Judson Contingent leave for march, and will be at front of parade with Rise & Resist) 
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