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Split Rock

Giant boulder and century old Pelham landmark
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Although once one giant glacial boulder, it has been split in half for as long as there has been records of the rock. Split Rock used to run along a Native American path, which was renamed as "Split Rock Road" during colonial times. This road was also the site of the Battle of Pelham fought during on October 18th, 1776 during the American Revolution. Later, Split Rock was one of the most popular picnic area for generations of Pelham locals. 

Split Rock is also said to be the site of settler Anne Hutchinson's death in 1638 by Native Americans in the area who opposed her preaching. A plaque in her memory was once affixed to the rock.

In the late 1950s, Split Rock was the topic of a community organized preservation effort. Plans for the New England Thruway (I-95), which involved destroying Split Rock. The local movement, led by Bronx County Historian Theodore Kaziroff, successful moved the Thruway a few feet north, saving Split Rock.