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African People's Farmers Market

Thriving community-based farmers market
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The African People's Farmer's Market is a locally owned fresh produce market. Born of a larger community movement that encouraged local black-owned and operated businesses, it is now a thriving neighborhood resource.

In 1987 local community activists began picketing a Bedford-Stuyvesant Korean grocer for what was seen as disrespect of black patrons. The protests continued daily for almost a year with Sista's Place cafe serving as a central spot for demonstrators. This larger story galvanized the creation of African People's Farmer's Market, to supply fresh produce in the area and encourage more black-owned and operated ventures. Community members renovated the space, which has an outdoor market feel and exterior displays of fruits and vegetables. Along with the adjacent Sista's Place cafe, the Market has become a community center, active in issues of racism, reparations for slavery and Pan-Africanism


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