Nominate to the Census of Places That Matter

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Place Matters is conducting this Census to discover places in New York City that tell our history, and anchor our traditions and communities. Nominations are collected from the public and used to make these places and their stories better known, and to encourage action on their behalf.

NOTE: We welcome detail and stories. We prefer not to receive text copied from websites, but please give us the URLs in "More Information" below.

To mail your nomination instead, print out this form and mail it to:
Place Matters, c/o City Lore
72 East First St.
New York, NY 10003

Page 1: Information about your place

Please describe your place and why it matters.

Address or location, please be as specific as possible

Do the physical details of the place matter? If it were to change, what features would you miss and why?

Are you aware of any plans that may affect the future of this place?

Can you recommend a person, organization, or website with more information or stories about this place?